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About Us

Boules Consulting is a social impact consulting firm specializing in helping the helper scale their impact. Through our proven and trademarked best practice of Prepare, Plan, and Propel™, we help mission-driven initiatives build a strong operational foundation and scalable infrastructure to sustainably launch their programs.

What sets Boules Consulting apart is our unique ability to synthesize quantitative data with compelling storytelling, producing actionable, public policy-driven results. Established in 2018 by Founder Marianne Boules, the firm initially focused on grant writing, assisting over 61 nonprofit organizations in raising over $52 million for diverse projects in a short span.

Throughout the process, we saw that our greatest strength laid in our strategic approach. While some firms are proposal writing firms that specialize in just answering the prompt, Boules Consulting’s whole-picture approach allows us to see beyond the solicitation to craft thoughtful, achievable programs that speak both to the funder’s ultimate goal and the client’s needs.

Simultaneously, we observed that many social enterprises lacked the essential business foundation and infrastructure to become funding-ready, and they faced challenges in navigating post-funding processes.

So we did for ourselves what we do for others: we identified the problem for our service population, piloted a program, and launched a new program to serve them. That is how Prepare, Plan, Propel (™) was born, and in an even shorter timeframe, Boules Consulting’s new process helped raise an additional $22 million for its clients.

The PPP model provides a holistic roadmap for different agencies and the services they need, so that Boules Consulting is there right along side them to support them at any step of their journey.

Our Team

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Marianne Boules

Founder, CEO

Marianne is an experienced professional excelling in the intersection of public policy, social impact, and technical writing. She has both her bachelor's and master's degrees in Public Policy, where she graduated at the top of her undergraduate class and received a full scholarship toward her master's program. Recognized for her expertise, Marianne has been featured on various podcasts and education platforms, illustrating her overarching mission to "helping the helper" launch, scale, and fund their impact-based programs.

Jessica Reid Headshot

Jessica Reid

Operations Assistant

Jessica Reid received a Bachelor's degree from UCLA, where she completed an English major and Professional Writing minor. She recently completed her a Master's degree in Library and Information Sciences through SJSU, and loves learning how to better serve communities. Jessica uses her writing and communication skills to tell meaningful stories with Boules Consulting.

Donia Headshot

Donia Hanaei

Proposal Writer

Donia is a development and fundraising professional working at the intersection of philanthropy, nonprofit services, and civil and human rights. With a B.A. in International Affairs with an emphasis on the Middle East and North Africa and an M.A. in International Affairs and a Cultural Competency Co-Curricular Certificate, she specializes in working with refugee and migrant populations and researching the causes of conflict that result in racial, cultural, ethnic, and religious marginalization, gender-based violence, domestic violence, and radicalization.

Melissa Fox Headshot

Melissa Fox

Technical Writer

Melissa Fox holds a bachelor’s degree in Journalism with an emphasis in Public Relations from Baylor University. Drawing upon her many years of experience in a variety of industries from printed publications to the non-profit sector, Melissa is passionate about using her writing and communication skills to craft compelling stories with Boules Consulting.

Lillian Winston

Lillian Winston

Junior Proposal Writer

Lillian Winston earned a bachelor's degree from UCLA with a major in sociology and a minor in professional writing. She loves creating positive change in the world and put plans into motion at Boules Consulting.

Andrew headshot

Andrew Aziz | Breeze Unlimited

HR Consultant

Breeze Unlimited is a proud member of the Boules Consulting team. Breeze Unlimited works with Boules Consulting to handle all things HR related. They specialize and aid in document drafting which includes; HR Handbooks, Employee Handbooks Job Description Templates, Email Automation Messaging, Offer Letters and more.

Dustin Headshot

Dustin Ohman

Project Coordinator

Dustin Ohman served twenty years in the United States Marine Corps, retiring as a Gunnery Sergeant in 2011. He went on to the University of Phoenix to complete his bachelor’s degree in management. He loves being a help to those in need, learning new things, and traveling with his family. Dustin continues to embody the Marine Corps ethos of excellence and resilience in every facet of his life.

Natalia Headshot

Natalia Perez

Marketing and Brand Coordinator

Natalia is a marketing coordinator who enjoys the challenges of the modern globalized world. She is an International Business major and has always felt inspired by the opportunity to learn new things from different people and cultures. She takes joy in achieving great things through teamwork because she believes everyone can contribute significantly once they are given the chance.

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