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The Best Grant Research Tools Online

Do you ever find yourself struggling with grant research? Do you find it time-consuming to find all the grants suitable for your needs? It's time that you consider utilizing grant research tools available online.

If you want to be successful on your grant writing journey, then you must utilize every tool available at your disposal. Here are just a few of the best grant research tools available online:

The Best Grant Research Databases

Grant databases are one of the best ways to quickly identify new opportunities. If you've always started your grant research process with a Google search, then these databases can help you save hours of work.

Foundation Directory Online

The Foundation Directory Online or FDO is one of the highest-rated grant databases around. This online tool receives praise both from experienced grant researchers and newbies in the field.

It has some of the best coverage on grant-maker profiles. As an all-around tool, it's one of the best online. However, you get what you pay for, as the price point makes it one of the priciest options in the market.

Want to take a look at how the FDO works? Check out this sample report for a grant search. Insider Tip: Check your local library! Many local libraries allow free access to the Foundation Directory Online.

Foundation Directory Online Price: Starts at $33.25 per month


GrantScape has a large database of over 180,000 grantors. It has everything you need from federal through state to local grant sources. Compared to Foundation Directory Online, GrantScape is great if you want to bid on government contracts in addition to private funders.

Grantscape Price: Starts at $29 per month


Without a doubt, InstrumentL is one of the biggest grant databases in the United States with one of the best User Interface systems. As the only grant research tool that made it through the famed Y Combinator, InstrumentL has everything you need from grant research to funder 990’s to even creating a grant calendar.

InstrumentL Price: Starts at $179/month

Other Essential Grant Research Tools Online

Apart from grant databases, here are a few more useful tools you must use to succeed.

Grammarly: Finding the best grant for your non-profit is one thing but you still have to do some convincing in your proposal. Grammarly is there to help you with writing the proposal you can by correcting your spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.

Google Scholar : Research papers at your fingertips. Google Scholar is a specialized branch of Google where you can search for scholarly articles. It will help you build a well-founded proposal based on facts from trusted sources.

Google Drive: Google Drive allows for easy collaboration. Use the co-authoring feature to write proposals and prepare research papers together with your co-workers. You may also choose different collaboration tools, we've selected Google Drive as it's free and intuitive to use.

Price Point too High?

Our list of the best grant research tools online is essential for anyone who wants to succeed in grant writing. These tools will save your time and keep you sane in the long run as you build up your organization. However, if your wallet just can’t get over the price point for any one of these grant research tools, you can hire Boules Consulting instead. Starting at just $100 per month, Boules Consulting utilizes multiple databases to find personalized grants that fit your nonprofit’s needs exactly. Why not save your time and money by contracting out your grant research to us? All you have to do is submit an inquiry by clicking here today and we’ll do the difficult, time-consuming work for you.

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